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1. How to relocate optic fibers?

2. How to choose correct Cartype in Mercedes Benz display after installation? when your original NTG4.5 screen showing is not correct.

3. If your car is NBT system,After installation, the original BMW system is not showing correctly, How to choose correct BMW Cartype in android settings.

4. How to activate AUX for Mercedes Benz radio NTG4.5 system if the original car radio has no AUX or AMI input ?

5. How to solve android no sound no audio issue after installation ? need to check the Aux switching mode set to Manual first.

6. How to set the NTG5 Mercedes Benz screen Aux switching mode? Manual and Auto.

7. How to set the NTG4.5 Mercedes Benz display Aux switching mode? Manual and Auto.

8. How to set NTG4.5 android screen cartype?

9. How to restore android system (if no problem, not suggest to do it)

10. How to operate CarPlay function?

11. How to install 10.25inch android display on BMW F22?

12. How to install 10.25inch android screen on Mercedes Benz E W212 ?