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» Installation Guide of Koason Android Screen Display Upgrade Apple CarPlay For BMW 5/6 Series E60 E63 etc

Koason Android Screen Display Special for BMW 5 Series M5 6 Series E60 E61 E63 E64 (2004-2010) CCC

Koason Android Carplay upgrade Special for BMW BMW5 Series (2009-2010) CIC

8.8inch display or 12.3inch screen is compatible for both LHD (left hand driving cars) and RHD (right hand driving) cars.




Please check the system clearly for your car and choose it in our shop menu.






Installation Steps


       1.Use crowbar to prize up the AC vent strip.             2.Unscrew the screws on both sides of AC control panel.


                                                                        3.Remove the container.                                           4.Unscrew the two screws below CD.


                                                                      5. Unscrew the two screws on original screen.            6.Central control disconnected.


                                                              7.Connect power cables together,plug original power             8.Connect LVDS cable to original CD *

                                                               cable into the female socket of android power cable. *


                                  9.Connect original LVDS cable to unit LVDS port first, then connect                 10.After wires are connected, power up car and check android and original

                                       power cable.GPS antenna installed onto the rear windscreen.                     screen if it is showing normal and see if it has sound or not in music mode.


                                                                 11. If it has sound, please neglect the following step;  if it has no sound,please connect the“AUDIO OUT”wire

                                                                  on main cable to AUX hole in car. Check again if it has sound or not, power off car if sound is available.


                                                                        12. Put original CD back and screw up. *                  13.Put container back.


                                                                      14.Plug the wire of AC control panel and put back.             15.Installation finish.










7. Original fiber cable switch to android male plug as photo showing.

8. LVDS cable should be connected first, at this step,not connect power cable.

12. Lock the GND of Android unit to the screw below original CD.