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» Installation Guide of Koason Android Screen Display Upgrade Apple CarPlay For Mercedes Benz GLE GLS

Anroid display for Mercedes Benz GLE GLS (NTG5.0/5.1):

For Mercedes Benz GLE(2015-2019),  Mercedes Benz GLS (2016-2019).

12.3inch screen is compatible for both LHD (left hand driving) and RHD(right hand driving) cars.




The installation process is similar to our other screens, that is plug and play,
no need to cut the wires, no coding, or other operations.

Let's get started!



Installation Steps

                          1. Original radio                        2.Remove screws from the clip                    3.Remove original screen and unplug plugs      4.Pear off the decorative strip


                          5. Pear off AC panel           6. Remove screws and take off           7.Unplug the plugm take CD out from car         8.Unplug power harness from back of CD


                            9. Remove fix screws                               10. Remove fix screws                                11. Take off original base                       12. Take of original stand


                             13. Connect cables    14. Plug USB audio cable to car USB port in glove box        15. Connect LVDS cable     16. Connect android power harness to original


                            17. Plug android power harness to CD    18. Open copilot, install GPS antenna and 4G antenna    19. Open the panel of copilot   20. Position of 4G antenna.


                                21. Position of GPS antenna    22. Remove fix screws in glove box                     23. Install android metal stand          24. Connect plug of clock to base


                                25. Install base in car            26. Tighten screws of stand                                          27. Tighten screws of base       28. Plug power harness to back of screen


                                                                                                                                  29. Installation Finished