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» Installation Guide of Koason Android Screen Display Upgrade Apple CarPlay For Benz ML GL 2012-2015

Mercedes Benz ML W166 /GL X166 (NTG4.5/4.7):

For Mercedes Benz ML W166 /GL X166 (2012-2015)
ML350 ML400 ML550 ML250 ML350 ML63
GL350 GL400 GL450 GL500 GL550 GL63 AMG

9inch display or 12.3inch screen is compatible for both LHD (left hand driving) and RHD(right hand driving) cars.


                     The NTG4.5/4.7 System is as follow


Please check the system clearly for your car and select it from our shop menu.


The installation process is similar to our other screens, that is plug and play,
no need to cut the wires, no coding, or other operations.

Let's get started!





Installation 9inch


                                        1.Original dashboard and audio.                                                                                        2. Pry the silver frame out from audio


                                        3.Pry the A/C control panel out.                                                                                4.Take off the fixing screws from original CD.


           5.Pullanchorstake down afterremoving screws.   6.Pull small plug off from headunit panel.      7.Take the plug out from head unit             8.Remove screws from air outle


                                              9.Pry air outlet panel out.                                                                               10. Take plug off from air outlet.           11.Move screws off from the original screen.


         12.Take plugs out from original screen, the       13.Move optical fiber from original plug        14.Connect original LVSD cable to android LVDS.     15.Put product metal onto car

          black power cable will not be used later             to android plug at the same position


           16.Put back original air outlet panel.           17.Install ML plastic base.      18.Plug android cable to original CD socket.    19.Plug GPS/4G antennas LVDS and main cables onto monitor.


                                                                                                                                         20. Installation effect.




Installation 12.3 inch


   1.Original car                                   2.Remove the screws behind the screen.           3.Remove the screen.                  4.Remove screws.                         5.Pry off the silver trim.

  6. Pry off and take out the Air condition panel.      7.Untie the CD buckle.    8.Take out the CD player and unplug the cable.     9.Remove screws off two sides.     10.Take off the metal bracket.

  11. Pry off and take out the air outlet.      12.Connect the cable of small speaker.           13.Connect the plug wire.            14.Connect the plug wire.           15.Connect the plug.

  16.Fix our metal frame.                      17.Fix our bracket,plug the cable.                    18.Fix the metal bracket.                          19.Fix screws.                      20.Fix screws.

   21.Fix the CD player.                          22.Connect the cable of screen.               23.Fix the CD buckle and screws.                    24.Fix the silver trim.                25.Installation is finished.